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About us

Objectis SA is a software innovation company that supplies customized software solutions and I4.0-certified IT products to the machine and instrument industry, to companies with manufacturing and production units, and to large-scale laboratories.

Objectis About Us Introduction

Founded in Yverdon a dozen years ago, Objectis has supported over 250 customers in their digital evolution. With a team of twenty enthusiasts with strong, complementary skills, Objectis has recently extended its service activities to include the development and marketing of customizable IT products to meet the most demanding requirements of its loyal customers.

Objectis has been a key player in Switzerland for many years, offering innovative solutions covering both the conventional notion of the “Smart Machine” and that of the “Smart Factory”, and is now offering its services in the field of processing and interpretation of physical measurement data of all kinds, using Artificial Intelligence technology.

Products & Solutions

Objectis Product And Solution Instant Ux Machine


Our product enables machine builders to integrate and customize an HMI in a matter of moments.

Objectis Product And Solution Instant Ux Workshop

InstantUX Workshop

Our product makes it possible to standardize the HMI of all machine tools in a heterogeneous workshop, without time-consuming and complicated development.

Objectis Product And Solution Digital Factory I 4 0

Digital Factory I4.0

Our multi-application product enables dynamic resource planning, management of priorities and contingencies, and dynamic monitoring of production progress.

Objectis Product And Solution Turnkey Applications And Services

Turnkey Applications and Services

An extensive range of Customized Services for all industrial automation players.

Our markets

Objectis Our Markets Standards Machines

Standard machines

Objectis Our Markets Special Machines

Special machines

Objectis Our Markets Instruments


Objectis Our Markets Factories And Workshops

Factories and Workshops

Objectis Our Markets Laboratories


Our Values

Objectis Pictogram Quality


A wide range of skills, responsible employees and tried-and-tested procedures to ensure quality for our customers.

Objectis Pictogram Creativity


An excellent understanding of the state of the art in industrial IT, enabling the emergence of innovative solutions.

Objectis Pictogram Respect


A corporate policy and culture focused on respect and tolerance.

Our expertise

Software engineering: a software platform and toolbox designed and developed to rapidly meet the needs of the majority of sophisticated industrial IT applications. Excellence in the dynamic creation of HMI thanks to our unique “HMI Auto-generation” mechanism and our 12 years of experience in the field.

Services: Creation and development of customized software solutions for instruments, machines and production workshops.

Progress, Innovation: Mastering the state of the art in IT technologies and the constraints posed by the modern environments of Industry 4.0, IoT and AI.

Training Coaching: We enable professionals to rapidly upgrade their skills to a state-of-the-art level to successfully meet the challenges of sophisticated industrial application development projects.

Product: Development and marketing of proprietary software products that drastically accelerate our customers’ modernization and digitalization initiatives.

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Our references

More than 250 major players in their industry have already placed their trust in us.

  • Machine manufacturers
  • Instrument Manufacturers
  • Integrators
  • Production plants