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Our markets of choice

Historically, Objectis has been very active in the watch manufacturing and machinery industries. In recent years, Objectis has also made a name for itself in the fields of Sensors, Medical, High Tech Components and Consumer Goods.

In short, what characterizes our know-how and our playing field above all else is the nature of the equipment and operational units that benefit from our software. Discover them below.

Objectis Our Markets Of Choice Standard Machines

Standard machines

Leverage our native Frameworks and Software Products to develop scalable IT architectures that can be transposed from one range of machines to another.

Our solutions offer a number of advantages:

  • Rapid development of new functions and equipment.
  • Cross-functional standardization of HMI interfaces for all our customers’ machine ranges.

Special machines

Use our skills and tools to program modern, scalable PLCs and HMIs – see also InstantUX machine. Our engineers are involved in both the development of new machines and the retrofitting of old equipment.

Objectis Our Markets Of Choice Special Machines
Objectis Our Markets Of Choice Instruments


Instrument manufacturers whose HMI quality is essential to ensure efficient and rational use call on Objectis. We intervene either for the complete programming of the instrument, or to integrate a specific, modern, scalable and open HMI.

Factories and Workshops

We intervene at various levels:

  • Directly on machines to equip them with computer connectors enabling them to dialogue with the I4.0 environment
  • Directly on machines to standardize HMIs
  • More generally, by digitizing the functions of fine planning and dynamic monitoring of all the tasks of a workshop or multi-workshop production unit.
Objectis Our Markets Of Choice Factories And Workshops
Objectis Our Markets Of Choice Laboratories


In the context of our “Laboratory” activities, our customers’ needs are generally a combination of the constraints encountered in the world of Instruments and in manufacturing workshops.

Objectis Our Markets About Us

About Objectis

Founded over 15 years ago by a team of industrial IT enthusiasts, Objectis has continually expanded its technological skills, consolidated its products and know-how, and cultivated a corporate culture conducive to innovation. Since its creation, Objectis has supported over 250 customers with reason, efficiency and passion.

Today, more than 25 highly skilled professionals work every day to ensure the success of dozens of projects every year.