Digital Factory I4.0

At a time when the majority of companies are equipped with an ERP, few production workshops benefit from appropriate tools for fine-tuning their activities. Digital Factory I4.0 is a software suite designed to increase production control by providing a lively, intuitive and collaborative digital environment.

Different data sources

Objectis Digital Factory I 4 0 Management


Enables supervisors to make quick decisions and steer company activities, taking into account the reality on the ground, thanks to clear, relevant indicators automatically calculated by the system.

Objectis Digital Factory I 4 0 Operations


Enables production operators to receive their work instructions, and to send back reliable data, in a matter of moments, on the progress of part assembly in production, process times, hazards, etc.

Objectis Digital Factory I 4 0 Machines


Enables operations and maintenance to consult real-time data on production times, work progress and any alerts relating to the various machines in production.

The accuracy, availability and immediacy of information for everyone and by everyone, as well as the ability to interface with your existing software, are central to Digital Factory I4.0.

Digital Factory En

Digital Factory I4.0 consists of two independent and interoperable modules:

Objectis Product O Planning


Precise planning and coordination of operations.

  • Intuitive Gantt planning
  • Simplified management of prioritization and suspension of production orders
  • Highlighting possible optimizations (machine settings)
  • Detection and prompt handling of hazards and delays
  • Defining workshop capacity and resources
  • Load display in finite capacity.
  • Instant Web communication to workshops
  • Maintenance and absence planning
  • Access to technical documents
Objectis Schema O Planning
Objectis Product O Workflow


Guides workshop operations, collects and transmits production data.

  • Automatic import of operations and generation of customized instructions
  • Priorities and Intuitive Instructions
  • Identification of production resources
  • Access to technical documents
  • Hazard and progress management
  • Real-time communication and tracking
  • Traceability “Who? What? When? How?”
  • Time feedback for schedule optimization
Objectis O Workflow

Digital Factory I4.0

The combination of oPlanning and oWorkflow makes information and production progress contingencies available in real time.
Digital Factory I4.0 enables management to adjust, control and dynamically transmit instructions to the workshops, taking into account the realities on the ground.

Digital Factory I4.0 connects the different areas of the company and promotes communication between management and operations.