Instantux Workshop

InstantUX – Workshop

A complete response to HMI automation needs, with highly intuitive, natural ergonomics that put operators on familiar ground, and a wealth of functions for precise control of production machines.

InstantUX features – Workshop

An HMI for all your machines

Compatible with the majority of control technologies on the market, InstantUX communicates with your machines via dedicated plug-ins for each CNC or PLC.
InstantUX also adapts to the machine’s screen size to guarantee the best possible rendering.

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Objectis High Level Of Adaptability To Operator Needs

High level of adaptability to operator’s needs

InstantUX lets you create and configure screens according to your needs, opening up new possibilities for standardizing work methods and operator versatility.

An ergonomic, intuitive and natural visual interface

A really pleasant fluidity of navigation immediately adopted by users. Ease of use appreciated and expected by production operators. In line with the standards of the finest smartphone and tablet interfaces. A visual style to match your company’s branding.

Objectis Ergonomic Intuitive Natural Visual Interface
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Simple deployment
without coding

InstantUX can be deployed by any engineer working in an industrial computing environment. It requires no superfluous development and is infinitely customizable.

Automatic integration of your G-Code and adaptation of pages to loaded part programs

The HMI can adapt in real time by parsing G-Codes or loading a visual configuration associated with the part program.

Objectis Automatic Integration Of G Code And Adaptation Of Pages To Loaded Part Programs
Objectis Ability To Integrate Your Business Tools Directly Into Instant Ux

The ability to integrate your business tools directly into InstantUX

Extensible architecture and plug-in integration let you use all your machine’s features in a single window.

InstantUX – Workshop

The only HMI on the market compatible with all your machines, easy to configure and adapt to your production environment.