Objectis software solutions for machines, measuring instruments and control stations

Over the past 12 years, Objectis has distinguished itself by developing advanced software tools and modules that are used daily by its customers to meet their demanding needs.

Going beyond the limits of traditional technologies to provide more flexible and intuitive solutions is the hallmark of Objectis, as shown in the examples below.

Our software modules

Objectis Machine for special machines

The Objectis.Machine framework, based on the Concept platform, takes creative advantage of object-oriented technologies to drastically reduce the cost of application development. This gives it a decisive advantage when piloting special machines, where development costs are critical. It enables you to develop flexible, complex and highly configurable software solutions for controlling automated systems in C#. Objectis.Machine overcomes the limitations and rigidities of PLCs to bring virtuosity to machine control, while meeting the ambitions of Industry 4.0.

Objectis Machine For Special Machines
Objectis Framework For Standard Equipment

Framework for standard equipment

Dozens of machine and instrument manufacturers have called on Objectis to lay the software foundations for their specialized Framework. A framework of this kind unifies the HMI applications of their equipment, while providing a high level of modularity to enable them to evolve over time and meet their customers’ most demanding requirements. Thanks to Concept.Convergence platform used as a foundation, the Framework benefits from rapid development, readable code with an understandable structure, and excellent maintainability. More often than not, we have trained our customers’ teams, who are now independently responsible for the evolution of the frameworks we have developed for them.

Closed-loop application for CNC

To guarantee optimum productivity at optimum quality, automation of the closed-loop control systemis an innovative and remarkably efficient approach. Objectis has more than once met the challenge of creating this type of application, requiring a high level of integration and software architecture to interface with various sensor systems and actuators on the measurement side, as well as with different types of CNC for on-the-fly injection of correctors.

Objectis Close Loop Application For Cnc
Objectis Machine Performance Monitoring

Machine performance monitoring

Who doesn’t dream of supervising their machines and production in real time? By connecting to the PLC and retrieving production orders, we have developed several specific production monitoring software programs that enable us to control machine quality, availability and performance by calculating a reliable and exploitable OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

IoT Application

Concept IoT (Internet of Things) offers powerful tools for developing applications that easily manage and supervise fleets of distributed devices through an intuitive Web interface. The underlying architecture gives you a default system that meets most of your needs, but can also be modified at any level to suit customized use cases.

Objectis Iot Concept
Objectis Traceability Of Events And Physical Measurements

Traceability of events and physical measurements in the R&D laboratory

We have developed specific applications for recording all interactions and physical measurements with products undergoing testing in the R&D laboratory, in fields such as Foods & Drugs and watchmaking. Via a simple graphical interface and sensors, events are continuously recorded in a database and presented on synthetic dashboards.

Digitizing the workplace with Tulip

Thanks to our expertise in analyzing work processes and workflows in industrial environments, since 2021 we have been gaining recognition for our workstation digitization solutions, particularly in the watchmaking industry. Thanks to our expertise in the Tulip platform, we can support our customers who want to offer ergonomic interfaces in their factories, with complete flexibility and agility.

Objectis Digitizing The Workplace With Tulip
Objectis Vision Instrument

Vision instrument

Objectis has designed and developed several specific vision instruments for quality control of parts leaving the production line, OCR code reading on metal parts, and precise dimensional measurement of row materials to maximize the number of laser-cut watch parts. These tools include lighting, a camera, our measurement and user interface software, and our communication tools, and are integrated into a compact casing.

Software for measuring instruments

For its vision instruments and customer measuring instruments, Objectis has developed several software modules dedicated to taking measurements, extracting parameters, calculating results, analyzing and recognizing parts for closed-loop operations, automatic transmission of results and report generation.

Objectis Software For Measuring Instruments
Objectis Machine Software About Us

About Objectis

Founded a dozen years ago by a team of industrial IT enthusiasts, Objectis has continually expanded its technological skills, consolidated its products and know-how, and developed a corporate culture conducive to innovation. Since its creation, Objectis has supported over 250 customers with reason, efficiency and passion.

Today, more than 25 skilled and committed professionals work every day to ensure their customers’ success through dozens of projects every year.