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WPF training for HMI creation

For developers who want to acquire a solid knowledge of WPF to create intuitive, rich HMIs.

Objectis Create Beautiful Uis In Wpf

Create beautiful UIs in WPF

This course is ideal for industry professionals who want to learn new ways to surprise and develop more modern, ergonomic user interfaces.

The 3 stages of training

  • Mastering WPF

Discover the mechanisms of language and know how to set its “magic” of WPF.

  • Creating beautiful HMIs

Gain the knowledge to create intuitive, attractive HMIs.

  • Benefit from our experience

Benefit from tips and feedback from Objectis projects.

Objectis 3 Stages Of Training 2

Practical information about WPF training

Objectis Pictogram Address Blue


Yverdon-les-Bains or other
location on request

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3 days of training
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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Course given in French, support materials in English

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For whom?

Developers or initiates.

Do you have the perequisites?

Prerequisites: To take this course, you need to know the basics of C#. If not, we recommend you take the Mastering C# course.

Training highlights

  • Modern

Acquire the knowledge needed to create outstanding HMIs

  • Applied

Benefit from the “magic” of WPF.

  • Experience

Practical advice drawn from real-life experience by Objectis.

Objectis Training Highlights

“The course is attractive and very well structured!”

– A participant in the WPF HMI creation course

WPF training content

Objectis Discover The Power Of Wpf

Discover the power of WPF

The aim of this first day is to understand the basics of the WPF framework. We’ll take a look at its architecture and operating potential.

  • Abstraction
  • QuickStart in WPF
  • Basic WPF classes
  • Threading model
  • WPF control architecture and common properties
  • Content controls
  • Items controls
  • Basic 2D drawing

Master WPF techniques

Building on the basic knowledge already acquired, this second day focuses on the details of WPF implementation.

  • Mastering XAML
  • Dependency properties
  • Basic events
  • Attached properties and events
  • Page layout
  • Style & template system
  • Application deployment
Objectis Master Wpf Techniques
Objectis Creating Revolutionary Hmis

Creating revolutionary HMIs

It’s on the third day that you’ll really get a real taste of WPF’s magic. You’ll learn about the famous “design pattern” for good aspect separation, known as MVVM. Finally, you’ll learn how to develop reusable controls and give them a striking look and feel.

  • Workflow in a project
  • Links & converter
  • Data validation
  • Controls
  • Main view / Detail view
  • Data model separation & MVVM
  • Development & skinning of reusable controls.

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